My Perspective on BREXIT in France

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I'm committed to my life in France not to mention my French partner. I had already considered applying for French nationality and the referendum has brought this to the fore. I have printed out the application and am now amassing the various documents required.


My thoughts on some of the consquences is that in the short-term Sterling (GBP) falls relative to the Euro although this may be limited by the uncertainty that BREXIT has caused for the EU as a whole. I will endeavour to absorb the cost.


Longer term consequences

Travel to France took place prior to the EU so there should not be issues for you travelling here. Working in France and moving to France may well become more complicated, but clearly not impossible. A “carte de sejour” (residence permit) or a working visa may be required.


As a “mountain professional” I've been assured that my qualifications are still valid for working in France and that this should not change. I have very good relations with the local French Sports ministry officials and had already posed this question.

For those of you who take skiing holidays you may find that UK tour and chalet operators face difficulties. Their business model is based on employing seasonal staff on short-term contracts under the EU's “Posted Workers” Directive. This has allowed them to employ staff on British employment contracts and associated terms and conditions. I would imagine that France would require that they were now employed on French contracts. These would make employing staff substantially more expensive for the employer.


To give a rough example: the French minimum wage is c. Euro 1340 per month however the employer pays c. Euro 2300 due to the very high social security contributions. The amount that can be deducted for things such as food and accommodation, ski pass, etc is very strictly limited.

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